Information for Tenants

Why should I use AJE?

  • We provide a quality selection of properties to choose from
  • We offer an unrivalled personal service giving you an abundance of useful information on the property and local ammenities
  • We are contactable via telephone, email, text and social networking site to make booking an appointment easy and stress free
  • We offer discounted rates for all house clearances in the Chelsea area
  • Flexible viewing times including evening and weekends
  • We offer an excellent referral fee to all tenants who refer a property to rent or a friend, family member or colleague who is looking to rent a property

Regulations for having a rented property

Before a landlord can rent out a certain property, there are rules and regulations that have to be put in place to ensure people’s safety isn’t being put at risk.

Some of these include:

  • ensure a rented property is safe & free from health hazards – for example,  a maintained and secure roof (no leaks). If not, we can advise roofers who can assist on this.
  • all gas and electrical equipment was safely installed
  • provide an Energy Performance Certificate for the property
  • protecting a tenant’s deposit in a government-approved scheme

What is the tenancy process?

We have a very simple application procedure for tenants to follow…

  • Once you have found a suitable property, you will be required to put down an Agency Fee to start you tenancy application
  • Fill out the application form and tenant referencing forms – submitted to the landlord for approval
  • Upon completion of the references you will be required to pay the 1st months’ rent.
  • On the start date of your tenancy you will be required to pay the outstanding balance, sign the tenancy agreements and collect keys for your new home

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